So here we are, another year gone by, but what a year. 2020 was a year of incredible events, a year which took the world by storm, but in the small city of Hoboken, NJ, we were rocked by the unexpected and unanticipated passing of Sgt. Peter "Peachy" Zanin...what one would call a "Cop's" Cop.

Unpretentious and calm, "Peachy" as he was known to friends and colleagues alike, came onto the Hoboken Police Department in March of 1999 and was given badge #198. Pete graduated from the 199th Basic Police Course at the NJ State Police Academy in Sea Girt, NJ and worked mainly in patrol.  Pete gave of himself to both the community and his department.

Pete consistently volunteered on many projects which benefited the constituency of the Hoboken Police, from Coat Drives to Toys for Tots, Children's Christmas Parties and reading Story Time on Social Media.  Pete loved to be involved.

That's where Pete and I became involved.  In addition to everything else, Pete also loved motorcycling, and like me, loved to take a good ride somewhere.  When I brought up the idea in 2005 of doing a motorcycle run for the department, Pete was totally in.  Along with two other members of the department who were also motorcycle enthusiasts, we formed the beginnings of what is now the HPD Motorcycle Club, and the run we formed is now the HPDMC Annual Fall 16 years in the running.

Pete was also active in the police unions, actively supporting the PBA and PSOA in their efforts.  In May of 2006, Pete was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and issued badge #6 (s-6). Pete was a great boss to work for.  As he put himself into everything else, he put himself into the people under his command...he was a great supervisor.

The one thing Pete loved most was his family....his wife Samantha, his kids, Olivia, Christian, and Madison, as well as his mom Arlene and his brother Kevin.  He adored his family and he was devoted to them.  Another thing that Pete was...he was both a die-hard NY Rangers fan, and a NY Yankees fan. He went to as many games as he could, often with friends and/or colleagues.

But now, without warning, Pete is gone.  No one saw it coming, no one could have anticipated what would happen, but it did.  There are no words to describe that kind of loss, even for police officers who see death on a regular basis throughout their careers.  Pete should still be here, Pete should be at work or home with his family, or at some damn Rangers game...but he's not.

So now it's on us...Pete's friends and colleagues to look out for the things he cared for most....and we will, because that's why they call it a brother/sisterhood.  And we're going to start with this run right here.

We're going to raise some cash and put it towards his kids, we've named the run after him because it was the very least we could do and he deserves the honor immensely...and we're going to keep his memory alive.

Pete, I wish you were here buddy....we're going to make you proud.  We'll watch over your family while you watch over us. Rest in peace, my friend till we meet again

- Sgt. Bob Fulton (Ret.)