The H.P.D. Motorcycle Club was the brain child of Sgt. Robert Fulton of the Hoboken Police Department.  Bob had been previously involved with other motorcycle runs over the years, but there was never any run close to his hometown of Hoboken, NJ.

In 2005, he got the idea to organize a run to the Pocono Mountains & shared the idea with several of his colleagues.  In October of that year, Bob along with his co-workers, Peter Zanin, Arbend Drishti, and John Cirillo got together & set out to form the 1st run.

The 1st run generated about 25 motorcycles & about 30 or so participants, mainly through word of mouth.  The run left from Hoboken & had breakfast at a local Milford, PA restaurant that was known for it's tremendous breakfast buffet.  The money that was left over from the run that year was donated to a local charity. It was so much fun that we did it again the following year, and established the idea of donating funds to local charities or special causes.

Over the years, we have grown from our initial successes. Every year we attract more and more participants for each of the annual fall runs we have held.  For our 6th Annual Run in 2011, we were blessed to have more than 100 motorcycles & participants join us for our trip to the Poconos, our largest group to date.

Our destinations over the years have taken us to the Poconos in Pennsylvania and Bear Mountain in New York.  Our travels takes us wherever there is a beautiful road to ride on, a nice place to eat, and plenty of friendly company in the form of fellow riders.  Our current fall run brings us to Stroudsburg, PA for lunch.

In 2019, we began a Spring Run down to the Jersey Shore, but we had to hold off in 2020.  With the passing of Pete, we have transformed that run into the Peter Zanin Memorial M/C Run, and we have dedicated to holding this run every spring.

There has also been discussion about possible road trips to the Harley Factory in York, PA, or the Harley Museum in Wisconsin, however these have been put on the side for now as we continue to deal with the current COVID-19 situation and wait for better news for such trips.

  The Club's organizational structure was formed in order provide a proper legal framework for our charitable goals & to better organize our motorcycles events.  While some of our runs are open to the public, we also have club member only events.  Club membership is on an invitation only basis, and you must be sponsored by a current member to belong to the HPDMC.

To participate in one of our public runs, you need only to register and agree to abide by our Run Rules, ride safely and enjoy the ride.  We look forward to having you join us.